Kate Gosselin Turns 37, Channels Lady Gaga!

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Kate Gosselin turns 37-years-old!

Put your paws up!

You may not believe it, but Kate Gosselin and Lady Gaga are more alike than you may think.

On Wednesday (March 28), the former Kate Plus 8 star celebrated her 37th birthday! And yes, Lady Gaga, now 26, shares the same birthdate.

“My kids often remind me how old I’m getting with comments like, ‘You were born in 1975, Mom?!!'” Gosselin wrote in her latest blog post for “‘Wow, that was a loooong time ago! It was last century!'”

“Mady has repeatedly announced, ‘You’re 37 with no wrinkles,’ as if reminding me of my new age AND that wrinkles are around the corner is a NICE thing to say!” she continued. “I told her to get her eyes checked because I, in fact, have plenty of wrinkles!”

So what do you get this mom of 8 for her birthday? “My kids each hand made me an adorable card and hid them under their beds until they couldn’t stand it anymore. They’ve already presented them to me a bit early and I LOVE each cute little creation!” she exclaimed.

Gosselin finished with, “Happy Birthday to me. Now if only this extra year could be traded to someone who is looking for an extra one…I’d give it to you for a really great deal! Any takers?”

We have to admit – we sort of miss Kate and her kids on our TVs. Any takers for a new reality show with them?