Kate Gosselin Using Coupons: Finally Getting Her Family Fiances in Check!

Kate Gosselin Finally Watching Her Pennies!

Finally, Kate Gosselin is getting her finances in check. After criticism for spending a stream of cash on tanning, spendy hair cuts and on a fancy yet totally impractical sports car (a car so not suitable for a mom of eight!) she is watching her cash. And now Kate Gosselin has to. She’s out of a job.

The ex-reality star got her pink slip from TLC for her show Kate Plus Eight and now is without a paycheck, and she has many, many mouths to feed. So it came as a pleasant surprise to see that Kate Gosselin was using coupons while out and about picking up goods for the family but…she wasn’t seen using a ten cents off a bag of Doritos type coupon. Kate was spotted using one of those 20% off promotions from Bed, Bath and Beyond. And if anyone is going there to pick up this, that or the other, they’d be financially foolish to not bring their coupon with them, especially since they are everywhere. Let’s hope that she’s able to provide for her family moving forward, as a single mom she’ll need to and that 20% coupon is a step in the right direction.




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