Kate Gosselin Wants To Make Her Daughters Into "Kardashians"

Would you want to Keep Up With The Gosselins?

It looks like Kate Gosselin will do anything to get back on television. The former reality television star is hoping to win a ticket inside E!’s golden gates by getting chummy with this year’s celebrity mother pick of the year (not) with none other than Kris Jenner.

According to sources, Kate is hoping Kris will teach her “some tricks” into making her own daughters as successful as the Kardashian sisters.

Kate has reportedly already reached out to Kris for some advice. According to the National Enquirer, a source said, “Kate got Kris’ e-mail address and sent her a gushing note about how much she admires Kris for turning her family into international superstars.”

“Kate ended the note by saying, ‘I hope you can teach me some of your tricks.”

The source added, “Kate is praying this new friendship will lead to a meeting with executives at the E! network, where the Kardashian TV empire is based.”

We don’t know what’s worse here — the fact that Kate admires Kris or that she wants to have her family follow in the Kardashians’ footsteps. Could you imagine the E! titles to any Gosselin spin-off shows? Cara and Mady take on Hollywood. Why on earth would Kate want to make her daughters into the next Kim and Kourtney Kardashian?

On second thought, she totally would.