Kate Gosselin Wears a Sports Bra in Public? Really?


Dear Kate Gosselin:

There’s something my grandmother always said that kind of stuck with me: Nobody likes a show-off. Yes, I know you gave birth to eight children. And that you competed on Dancing with the Stars.  Plus you probably have that “eat-your-heart-out” post-divorce mentality going.

Sure, you look good. But, a sports bra? In public?  I think the only person who can get away with baring their midriff after children and post-30 is Madonna. And, let’s face it, she’s way cooler than you.  

So while I appreciate your abs looks pretty darn good (let’s not forget you did get a well-deserved tummy tuck), I suggest you keep the abdomen covered from now on.  You might not know this, but the paparazzi follow your every move. So if you wear it, we’ll see it.

You’re welcome.


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