Kate Gosselin Will Have a Gosselin Family Finale Party With Her Kids

Kate Gosselin Kate Plus 8
Kate Gosselin and kids

Kate Gosselin isn’t going to let her TV series end without a party.  Of course not!

Kate blogged about her “official” finale party on her new website,

Tomorrow night is our official Gosselin Family Finale Party…We will pop popcorn, move the furniture and spread out blankets all over the family room floor to watch and subsequently sleep together there!  Oh… and did I forget to mention the CAKE that will say “job well done, Kate + 8”³?

We will finish the show and have cake and ice cream too!

It’s been a long 6 years… One that needs a good old fashioned family bonding celebration… Don’t you think?


What will Kate do now?

Well, her kids will hopefully get back to a somewhat normal life.  And Kate will have to figure out other ways to not have to find a regular job like Jon Gosselin.