Kate Gosselin Will Never Work With Jon Again, Even For Millions! (Video)


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Kate Gosselin would never work with ex Jon again!

Kate Gosselin may have originally gained her fame by appearing in Jon & Kate Plus 8 alongside her ex-husband Jon Gosselin, but Kate would rather live in a box under a bridge than work with her ex ever again!

“You could offer me every last dollar on the planet. I don’t work for money,” Kate says to Access Hollywood. “Jon lives his own life now and I have a lot of peace in my life for me and the kids so I’d have to say no, I cannot compromise my morals and standards to get paid a ridiculous amount of money. I don’t feel like it’s healthy or beneficial for my kids to watch so there’s no point.”

So all those hoping for a Jon & Kate 2.0, don’t hold your breath!

What do you think? Should the two come together for a TV reunion-type series?


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