Kate Gosselin: Wish I Could Be Home With Kids


Kate Gosselin told Ryan Seacrest in an interview that she would forfeit the money and fame and change roles with her babysitter “in a micro millisecond.” She also said “I love my kids and I want to be with them and I’m the kind of mom that wants to be home with my kids.”

Gosselin went on to point out that given her situation, it’s just not an option. “It’s the working mom, single mom thing. You have to be at work because you have to provide for your kids but really my heart is at home.” She also reveals that she’s bonding with another mom on the set — an unlikely pair indeed.

Pamela Anderson! “We sit in make-up chairs next to each other and talk about our kids – she’s awesome.”

Kate might be able to spend more time with the kids soon.  And you know what I mean if you saw Dancing With the Stars last night…  But Kate acknowledges her fancy footwork is lacking.

“I’m really good at taking criticism right now. I just want to do my best. Let’s face it my viewers and fans are keeping me on there – we all know my dancing skills aren’t!”


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