Kate Gosselin's Balancing Act: Fame or the Kids


Kate Gosselin showed up at the Emmy’s last night and got tongues wagging about her wish to have an acting career. And who is actually surprised? The woman has had her own reality TV shows (plural) and did a stint on Dancing With the Stars. She wants to be famous!

But what about her kids? Her packed schedule was a big topic when she was on DWTS, mainly because she liked to scapegoat her missing them as the reason for her zombie-like dancing. But time spent filming isn’t the only time she’ll have to be away from them. Having her hair done, exercising, keeping in tip-top physical shape all detract from quality time spent playing in the yard. And thus far, according to reports, the brood of eight is not happy.

“Kate’s stressed to the max because she’s responsible for the family’s entire income,” a source told the National Enquirer. “When she’s not with the kids, she’s hustling for work. She knows that she’s not spending enough time with them, but she needs to earn the money to support them all.”

This is something we’ve heard before. Her home is even being run like a business. “Everything is for show. You’re not there unless you or someone is being paid,” said the insider. “Kate always says the kids love filming, and they do — because it forces her to interact with them.”

So sad. With dad Jon unable to make a living and busy cavorting with too-young for him girls and mom Kate busy trying to be famous, the kids have no one to turn to. At least they have each other.