Kate Gosselin's Basement Is Now A Dance Studio


Kate GosselinLast week, the news broke that Kate Gosselin was finally getting a chance to live the dream — i.e. she was hired on for a season of Dancing with the Stars.  Now, we’ve got word that the career celebrity is going to be practicing her moves in a makeshift studio in the comfort of the family home in Pennsylvania.

Reportedly, DWTS is paying for the improvised dance studio to be built in Kate’s basement. I bet the kids are super excited!

Can’t you just imagine Kate telling her brood: “You guys be good and watch TV while Mama practices her salsa moves?”

We can only imagine the fun that Kate’s brood will have in her makeshift dance studio. Think about it: What’s the difference between a dance studio, a karate studio, and a roller rink? Not very much.

Kate, who claims she’s doing the show “because she’s a single mom trying to make money,” will only be filming DWTS 2 days a week. On those days, the 8 will stay in PA with their nanny.

Source/Photo: INF Daily

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