Kate Gosselin's Jon Inspired Dance: Good Idea?


Kate Gosselin and Dancing with the Stars partner Tony Dovolani danced the Paso last night to the tune of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi”, in a routine she acknowledged was inspired by her relationship with the father of her eight kids, Jon Gosselin, and her daily struggles with the paparazzi…which, well, wouldn’t be following her if she hadn’t chosen to make her family the subject of a reality TV show. But, whatever. We can chalk that up to unintended consequences.

But about those 8 kids…isn’t it bad enough that they their parents had a rather bitter and very public break-up? Do they have to witness their mother continuing to explore the demise of her relationship in front of, well, millions of viewers?

The performance, which judge Carrie Ann deemed “odd”, landed Kate in bottom two once again, so her days on the show appear to be numbered–we’ll find out tonight if her ill-advised routine was her last. Regardless, what’s your take? Do you think Kate’s dance number was a good idea? Or should she try to find inspiration in another place, for her kids sake?