Kate Gosselin's Kids Buy Her A "Grow A Boyfriend" Doll

Kate Gosselin

OMG. The title basically says everything about this post already, right? Well apparently Kate Gosselin’s daughter Mady thought it was very funny to buy her mom a “grow a boyfriend” doll that she found at one of her local dollar stores so of course Kate decided to Tweet about it and share it with the world. I’m not sure how borderline embarrassing or funny this is. Kate tweeted:

No lie! Mady found this at a souvenir shop &bought it4me…we laughed SO hard.Kids want to know when we can grow him?!

I’m busy making this ‘grow a boyfriend’ talk &every1 is cracking up! My kids r already tired of his ‘discipline’! LOL!

So,my ‘grow a bf’ came 2 the dinner table w/ me&Alexis stated MY rule: ‘mommy,no toys at the table!’ It’s getting funnier by the minute!

Umm… ok. Tell us, what do you think of Kate’s kids giving her a “grow a boyfriend” doll! LOL.

























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