Kate Gosselin's Kids Do Disney…Alone?


The Gosselin eight returned back from a trip to Disney yesterday—without either of their parents! Were the Gosselins running amok in Epcot Center? Fending for themselves on Splash Mountain? Doubtful. For starters, we know Kate must have been there with them, as they returned home wearing their Gosselin team uniforms, and I just don’t see anyone else bothering to do the matchy-matchy thing. Also, Jon’s been jetting around with his new young thing, so we know he wasn’t on the trip.

So where was Kate for the trip home? Well, she has two shows in development and an upcoming return to Dancing With the Stars, so she’s got a few things to do. And I gotta say, we can debate the question of whether Kate is a good mom or not from now until kingdom come, but I’ll tell you what: If I had the chance to skip out on the trip home from Disney with my kids, I’d take it in a heartbeat. Can you imagine sitting on a plane with eight kids making their way down from a Disney high? Inconceivable. I’d rather make my way back from Orlando on a Razor scooter up Route 95 than deal with that three hour plane ride, thank you very much.

At any rate, more of the Gosselin kids home from their vacation on the next page.