Kate Gosselin's Kids Drive Her Crazy


Lost in the coverage of cold weather pool parties and Jon Gosselin’s new digs, of taping new shows and returning for the finales of old ones, comes a simple truth: Kate Gosselin’s kids are driving her crazy.

This shouldn’t be a surprise, of course, now that the sextuplets have turned six, and thus have entered the “Mom! She hit me! Nuh-uh! He started it!” years.

Now, ordinarily if I heard about a mother having to deal with eight squabbling children, my response would be “Oh my God—can you imagine?” In Kate’s case, of course, I don’t have to imagine, because I have the distinct pleasure of tuning in and watching for myself.

That said, I feel for her with the idea of 8 kids bickering all the time. It would be like if you or I woke up and hosted a birthday party…every day! And while kids are awesome in so many ways that it is impossible to sit down and count, the territorial disputes over each other’s toys, personal spaces, and mom’s attention are enough to drive a sane woman completely around the bend.

Blogs Kate: Just the other day, at about altercation No. 219, when I heard the first sounds of disagreement I considered running in the other direction and hiding … just couldn’t think fast enough WHERE!

Pretty sure this explains Kate’s tanning habit.

On the bright side, her older twins are turning ten this fall. So in a few short years, they’ll be ready to babysit. And date. And then Kate will find herself with a whole new set of headaches.