Kate Gosselin Criticized for DWTS Schedule


The new issue of Us Weekly has a rather unflattering piece about Kate Gosselin, which is rare ever since ex-husband Jon began engaging in tabloid-headlining antics. The media has focused its criticism on Jon, while Kate’s been enjoying mainly favorable coverage.  However, this article portrays Kate as a fame-starved mother putting her need for stardom before the children, who are depressed by her long absences due to her Dancing With the Stars schedule. “Insiders” say she compares herself to the most famous couple on Earth in defending her work schedule.  Among the allegations:

Despite arranging to be able to rehearse in Pennsylvania to be near her brood of eight, she left them with nannies for nearly two weeks while she did her DWTS promotional tour. She allegedly compared herself to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, saying that the couple also has a large family that they must leave for long stretches in order to provide financial support.

And the article suggests that Kate being gone so much so soon after the divorce is really affecting the children, causing problems at school and impacting their overall well-being.

Well, my guess is Kate is doing the best she can as a single mother. And let’s face it, the other parent doesn’t have much earning potential so the woman has to work — she has eight kids to support! I for one will be cheering her on when the DWTS season starts.  I wonder if a father with custody of the kids would face such criticism in a similar situation. What do you think?

Photo: ABC