Kate Gosselins Kids Were Traumatized By "Wife Swap" Experience


DLL-165317It looks like Kate Gosselin’s secret hope to get back on television isn’t going as smooth as she hoped it would be. According to new reports, her eight children were left “traumatized” during their Celebrity Wife Swap experience, when their mother left them for one week and had celebrity mom Kendra Wilkinson take her place, instead.

As we reported earlier, the two celebrity women planned to swap lives for un upcoming episode of ABC’s hit reality television show, Celebrity Wife Swap. But while things might have gone smoothly for Kate in Los Angeles, her children were crying for her when Kendra was left with them in Pennsylvania.

Here’s what Radar Online is reporting:

Tell us Babble readers, do you plan on tuning in to see Kate and Kendra swap lives during their Celebrity Wife Swap episode?

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