Kate Gosselin's New Gigs Helps Lift Post-Dancing Depression


Kate Gosselin is lessening her depression over not appearing on TV by appearing on TV. Makes sense.

“You’re going at the speed of light and suddenly you slow down to like the speed of a car … but I’m not any less busy at all,” she said. “It was just about two weeks before I was like, ‘Oh, hey, I’m resettled back into life. I feel like a normal mom again,” adding, “It’s really difficult … There is a post-DWTS depression that they fail to tell you about.”

It’s been just four weeks since she was booted off of Dancing With The Stars for her stick figure awkwardness. Since that time she has launched two new reality series, Twist of Kate and Kate Plus 8, and taken on the role as a special correspondent for ET. She’s loving her new jobs.

“[It] has been extremely exciting to hold a microphone, and I found that I am loving this side of it,” Kate told PEOPLE. “I can talk. We all knew that, and so I really enjoy it. It’s something that I feel is like a challenge — sort of like dancing. But I know I can conquer that one … the dancing, not so much!”

At least she’s realistic.

She’s reportedly promised to look into dancing lessons for her kids “when life settles down a little.” She says, “I grew up minus dance experience, and I see now how valuable that is [to] formation, determination, stamina, all of that.”

Let’s hope she finds time.