Kate Gosselin's New Man! (VIDEO)



Kate Gosselin isn’t going to let her soon-to-be ex-husband be the only one playing the field.  I’m sure when it’s Jon’s time to be with their eight children, Kate will want to have some fun.  Perhaps that’s why she, too, joined – to find that “perfect” someone.

Video after the jump!

Kate’s screen name is KatePlus8Minus1Hawaiian and she’s looking for someone who doesn’t mind stretchmarks – an obscene about of stretchmarks.  She mentions her eight, fatherless kids and how they live in Crooked Houses.  I’m sure there is someone out there looking for all of that and a reverse mullet.

Hey, if Jon can look for love on, so can Kate!  Maybe Jon and Kate can double date with their new partners, and bring the kids along… one big, happy family!

Watch the spoof video of Kate.  Won’t be long before she has a new man!


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