Kate Gosselin's New TV Show Confirmed!


Kate GosselinHave you been going through a Jon & Kate Plus Eight withdrawal? Not that you don’t get enough of them in the glossies and on the gossip sites, but do you miss watching them on TV?  You needn’t fret anymore. Kate Gosselin‘s new TV show has been confirmed! Get all the deets here!

First off, there will be no Jon. But that’s a given. And who else will be missing from the show? Her kids! The show won’t revolve around them but rather will follow the single mom of eight trying her hand at “different jobs and tasks and showing how she performs in the different environments.” Now that sighting of her playing waitress a while back makes sense.

The show may also have an interactive aspect where Kate’s viewers can pick what job she tries next. The show has yet to be named and will start airing later this year.

What career would you like to witness Kate attempt?

Photo: INF