Kate Gosselin's Newest Gig: Garbage Collector


And no, she is not physically hoisting Jon or his new girlfriend on her shoulders and carrying them out of her Pennsylvania home, though that would make for excellent TV.

Instead, it’s far simpler. Kate got dirty as a part of her new show Twist of Kate, in which she lives the lives of others.

“I look forward to being dropped into the lives of interesting and unique people and families,” she writes on her blog. “I’ll help where I can and learn a lot, too, I am quite sure. (Kate on the back of a trash truck, anyone … amongst other beyond uncomfortable jobs?)”

And while Kate is all “Yay, look at me doing this for a day. How fun and hard and visually appealing to my viewers. Gross, banana peel!” the garbage men had some other thoughts.
President and CEO of the National Solid Wastes Management Association has come out against Kate and said she couldn’t survive a real day on the job.

With eight kids you would kind of think she’d be to handle this. Plus what are some trash cans compared to the behind the scenes trash talking of Dancing With The Stars?

“She would have to be in shape to handle the work. She could not do it right now,” Bruce J. Parker tells UsMagazine.com. “You’re constantly moving. If you’re a helper, you’re picking up cans, moving quickly, particularly in heat and humidity and the coldness of the winter months. You have to be in peak conditioning.”

But that doesn’t mean it would never be possible, should Kate have enjoyed the experience enough to make it her new calling. “If she worked at that job for a month or so, believe me, she would mambo like you’d never seen her before!” he continues.

At least she knows if reality TV ever goes the way of the dodo, she’ll have some other career options.