Kate Gosselin's Tantrum on Kate Plus 8: Over Pizza?!? (Video)

Kate Plus 8 Kate Gosselin meltdown tantrum fight
Kate Gosselin Kate Plus 8 RV fight!

Yes, Kate Gosselin had a meltdown on Kate Plus 8… over pizza. And germs. And her bodyguard.

Not only does Kate have a germaphobe fueled hissy fit over Mady touching a slice of pizza and handing it to bodyguard Steve, she also gets in a pretty serious fight with her BFF Jamie and nanny Ashley.

Of course, it’s all captured on video, making you wonder if the fight was really that bad or if Kate was just playing it extra dramatic for the cameras.

It’s a long road trip to the Grand Canyon and tensions are high, but Kate’s tantrum over pizza seems a bit unnecessary.

Gosselin says that bodyguard Steve should have the slice of pizza because “he reserved it last night. Hand it over. You guys can eat salads. Give him his pizza. That was rude.”

Seems the nanny let the kids have the pizza, telling Kate: “I’m more than happy to leave right now. Pizza is not a friggin’ big deal. I am sick of your dramatic(s).”

I can understand getting a little agitated on a long family road trip – and it’s got to be ultra challenging with such a large group of kids, but still – Gosselin knows cameras are on her at all times. Reel it in a little!

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