Kate Has Another Meltdown On The Set Of Talk Show


kate-gosselin-on-today-showContradicting with yesterday’s reports that Kate was a natural on the set of her recent talk show pilot, news coming from the rumor mill today suggests that Kate was shy and a little overly emotional on the set. According to the NYP, Kate started sobbing uncontrollably when producers flashed a picture of her 8 kids onscreen.

Says a source:

“Producers flashed a picture of Kate’s children on a screen and she burst into tears. She said she hates being away from her children, but now that she’s to be divorced, she has to work to support them. She was very sad, emotional and very guarded.”

It’s weird, it’s not like this is the first time Kate’s had to work to support her kids… or the first time she’s been on the set of a talk show and seen their picture.

This news, if it’s reliable, sounds nothing like the “Kate was great” hype that was going around yesterday. Something sure got her feeling down about seeing her kids onscreen.

Is Kate feeling guilty about potentially splitting up the 8 with Jon? Or does Kate still feel like her life is spiraling out of control?

Kate did have another teary breakdown on the Today Show in August.