Kate Hits The Beach With Kids But Without Jon



Kate Gosselin, along with her eight children, took a beach vacation to Bald Head Island, North Carolina.  Absent from the trip – the kids’ daddy, Kate’s husband Jon.

Kate, the kids, a nanny and bodyguard Steve Neilds, arrived by ferry early last week.  They rented a cottage, and Kate and the children shot scenes for their reality show, Jon & Kate Plus 8.

The group spent time in the pool, driving around on golf carts and enjoyed time on the beach, making sand castles.

Twins Mady and Cara, were spotted with their nanny and a bodyguard at Riverside Adventure Co. gift shop.  A local resident said, “They looked content enough, and the kids in particular looked really happy.  They were just being kids. [Kate] seemed frazzled, but that was probably more because she was dealing with eight kids.”

Yes, I would imagine trying to wrangle eight kids would be tough – nice of Jon to spend time with his family.  Oh, wait, he didn’t  He was busy shopping, drinking beer and hanging out with his girlfriends.


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