Kate Hudson Bump Watch: Hudson Engaged to Matt Bellamy! (Today Show Video)

Kate Hudson engaged to Matt Bellamy
Kate Hudson announces she's engaged to Matt Bellamy!

Kate Hudson Bump Watch on the Today Show! Plus, Kate Hudson is engaged to Matt Bellamy? It’s true!

Kate Hudson stopped by the Today Show to talk about her new movie, “Something Borrowed,” dished on her pregnancy, and talked about her engagement to baby daddy Matt Bellamy.

Matt Lauer starts by congratulating Kate Hudson, who says, “I am a pregnant person!”

Lauer says she’s taking on the waddle of a pregnant woman – Kate says she’s in her third trimester and “slowing down,” noting that “the first three months was rough.”

Hudson adds, “I love being pregnant.”

Kate says she doesn’t know the sex of the baby, but has done the pendulum test and it says she’ll have a girl. Plus, she notes that she’s been carrying this child differently and the baby is “wild.”

Matt Lauer then had Kate Hudson put her hand in his to show off her flashy new… engagement ring!

“I’m engaged!” Kate says, adding, “It just happened a week ago” and she was just waiting for someone to notice rather than announce the engagement.

Hudson says the proposal was “very sweet” and “romantic.”


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