Kate Hudson Excited to Have Her Baby, Find Out Gender!

Kate Hudson excited to have baby boy girl
Kate Hudson excited about baby's arrival!

The days are counting down for Kate Hudson and baby day is getting closer!

Kate Hudson can’t wait for her due date, and not because she’s over being pregnant, but because she wants to find out the gender and what he or she will look like.

Hudson explains to The Daily Record, “I think I’m really excited. I’m not in a rush, I don’t have nerves, I’m so excited to have another baby, for our family, we are all really happy, so I can’t wait.

Hudson adds, “And I’m getting to the end, so I’m like, ‘Ahhh, what is it going to be, who is it, is it going to come out screaming, is it going to come out quiet, is it going to have eyes open, is it going to be shut, is it going to have hair?’ ”

I think Hudson fans are eager to see if Kate has a boy or a girl too!

This is Kate Hudson’s second child (son, Ryder, is seven), but her first with hubby-to-be Matt Bellamy.

I think most women, whether they love being pregnant or not, can’t wait to meet their baby for the first time. For some it’s just that excitement to finally see that little baby, while others it’s a combination of that and just feeling completely uncomfortable towards the end of pregnancy.

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