Kate Hudson Hasnt Decided on a Baby Name Yet! When Will She Pick One?

Kate Hudson Hasn't Named Her Baby Yet!


If you were thinking that the reason we don’t know the name of Kate Hudson‘s new addition — a baby boy born last Saturday — it’s not because she’s being shy with the press and keeping it private. It’s because Kate Hudson and boyfriend Matt Bellamy haven’t committed to a name yet!

According to a source, Kate and Matt are still “musing over what to name their new baby boy.” But they do have a bit of time, the baby is only a couple days old. When it’s been a couple weeks, a couple months, or even a couple years and they still haven’t decided? Well, then it might be cause for alarm.

Many parents have a name picked out months before the baby is born, but sometimes the baby comes out and you realize that the name you had thought was ‘the one’ just does not fit the baby once you actually meet them.

How long did you wait to name your baby? Did you have a name firmly in place before they were born?

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