Kate Hudson: Why Being a Young Mom is a Good Thing

kate hudson pregnant
Kate Hudson likes being a young mom

While Kate Hudson is sporting a baby bump these days at 32 years-old, she had her first baby as a young mom. We’re not talking 16 and Pregnant/Teen Mom young, but baby Ryder was born when Kate Hudson was 24.

She said at the time, she didn’t feel like a young mom, but she’s since then realized that she had a baby much younger than most of her friends did.  The benefits to being a young mom?

Kate Hudson says that her son is her buddy. She also went into her thirties more relaxed, not feeling the pressure of her biological clock ticking, since she already had a child.

Kate talks about the pressure to have a baby by 40 and how some of her friends stress because they are in their 30s and not married yet, with no babies coming soon. So, having a baby at 24 and entering her 30s having already been married took stress off of Kate, allowing her to enjoy motherhood.2

I had my first child when I was 27 and still felt like a young mom, though by the time I had my third at 30, I wasn’t feeling so young any more.  How old were you when you had your first child?

Photo: PRPhotos