Kate Hudson Proves Old Wives' Tale False with Her Baby Boy!

kate hudson baby
Kate Hudson welcomed her second baby boy yesterday

Kate Hudson didn’t find out during an ultrasound if she was having a boy or a girl this time around.

She relied on an old superstition and feeling that this pregnancy was different from her first to tell her that she must be having a girl. 

Kate Hudson tried the old wives’ tale of looping a ring through a hair and hanging it above her belly. If the ring moves in a circular motion, it’s a girl. Back and forth and it’s a boy. Hers moved in a circle.

She also thought she must be having a girl because her second pregnancy was so much different than her first.  All three of my pregnancies were very different from each other. But, I had all boys- just three very different boys!

The same held true for Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy: their baby boy was born yesterday.

Don’t worry Kate, being a mom to all boys puts you in very good company. Check out The Boys Club: Celeb Families with Boys Only

Photo: PRPhotos