Kate Hudson Talks About Her Unconventional Family and Happiness


If you live in Malibu, it isn’t uncommon to see actress and expecting mommy Kate Hudson…and she might even be hanging out with her ex-husband Chris Robinson with his new wife Allison Bridges and their one year-old daughter, Cheyenne.

Why? For the sake of Hudson and Robinson’s son, Ryder. The 7 year-old is involved in baseball and both his parents can be seen cheering him on at practices and games.

Remaining close is important to 31 year-old Hudson. She says that her and her ex remain on very good terms since their divorce in 2007. “I don’t regret that relationship because it gave me my son and, to this day, I have such a deep love for Chris. Just as it takes work to be in a relationship, so it takes work to not be in a relationship.”

Hudson, who is expecting a child with Muse front man Matt Bellamy later this year, says she learned a lot by growing up in a very unconventional family.

Hudson was raised by her mom Goldie Hawn and stepfather Kurt Russell. She was only three when he came into her life. Hudson doesn’t think marriage is necessary, and that “The most important thing for Ryder’s life is love, happiness and honesty. I have the most unconventional family ever. My mom Goldie Hawn was married twice, and then she met my dad (Kurt) who was married before.

“I’ve got a brother and half-brothers and sisters, and we all have the most wonderful relationships. My mom and dad are around a lot we all live within seven blocks of each other. You can’t go wrong if you’re honest and your intention is to be happy.”

Big family, healthy relationships, and a new baby on the way? Sounds like Kate has a lot to be happy about!

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