Kate Hudson Talks About Weight Gain and Pregnancy Brain! (VIDEO)

kate hudson
Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is enjoying her pregnancy but is suffering from pregnancy brain!

“Being pregnant is wonderful,” Kate told Extra while promoting her film Something Borrowed.

“You do get the pregnant mush-brain… you know what it’s like? It’s like getting stoned.”

Interesting analogy Kate!

Her son Ryder, 7, with Chris Robinson, hopes to have a little brother but Kate thinks she and Matthew Bellamy may be having a girl.

“It seems like my family female lineage… she’s just wild in there, just dancing all over.”

Although Kate’s doctor reminded her to watch her cravings, Kate isn’t too concerned.

“My doctor looked and me and goes, ‘So let’s try not to gain 68 pounds this pregnancy,'”

But Kate said she told her doctor she wasn’t “promising anything.”

Atta girl!