Kate Hudson Talks Differences with Her Second Baby

Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson to have a girl?

Kate Hudson is much more prepared for a baby this time around. When she was pregnant with her first baby, she didn’t even have a house: she hurried to get one shortly before Ryder was born.

No nursery for him: just a bassinet or a Moses basket or co-sleeping. This time around, Kate Hudson has the nursery all ready for the baby. She thinks the baby is a girl, but hasn’t found out for sure.

Kate Hudson has relied on an old superstition and the fact that this pregnancy is much different than her first to tell her that she is having a girl.

She might want to be careful relying on those factors to determine her baby’s gender. I had three very different pregnancies that produced three very different BOYS.

Though, I’d love to see Kate Hudson with a little girl. She’s be the coolest dressed little baby.

Photo: PRPhotos

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