Kate Hudson Tonight Show: Jay Leno Tests Baby's Gender (Video)

kate hudson tonight show pregnant tests
Kate Hudson on Tonight Show

Kate Hudson stopped by the Tonight Show to gab about her pregnancy and, of all things… being more handy around the house!

Hudson started the interview with a “disclaimer for not making any sense,” noting, “I have pregnant brain.”

Kate Hudson and Jay Leno talk about her desire to be more handy around the house and Hudson’s need to get a tool belt, lay down flooring, and grout tile!

Then on to the fun pregnant and baby stuff, Kate said she doesn’t want to find out the sex of the baby, but talks about the pendulum test that she swears by, saying “It’s never been wrong!”

Jay Leno has a few pregnancy tests to try out on Kate Hudson as well. First, he puts down a key for her to pick up. She picks it up at the middle, which Jay said means twins!

The second test asks what her son’s first word was – mama or dada? Kate says “doctor and more” were his first words.

(Dada means it’ll be a boy, by the way.)

Jay then asks her to put her hands out to show him… she thrusts her hands out palms down, which means the baby will be a boy.

Jennifer Hudson adds another test to the mix, saying she heard if the left breast is larger it’s a girl, but if the right breast is larger, it’s a boy.


Have you tried any of these tests yourself? Did you find out the sex of your baby or keep it a surprise?