Kate "Irene" Gosselin Pokes Fun At Hurricane Irene, Tweets Family Is Safe

Kate "Hurricane Irene" Gosselin

It’s all in the name, isn’t it?

Despite Hurricane Irene roaring through the east coast all day Saturday and Sunday morning, reality television star Kate Gosselin took to her Twitter account to poke fun at the storm and let her fans know that both she and her kids are indeed safe.

Before the storm though, the TLC mom poked fun at the hurricane after advising her fans to stay safe, tweeting, “Pls b safe this wkend if ur in Irene’s way.”

“Hey! My middle name is IRENE! Does that make me a hurricane?” she added.

She updated her account Sunday morning, posting “All is well!  The winds are strong here.  Staying inside and watching/hoping my driveway trees can withstand the wind!  Go away already, Irene!”

Good to hear that Kate took the reasonable route and stayed sheltered at home with her eight kids.

There’s no word though if ex-husband Jon Gosselin survived the storm.