Kate Is Irate Over Jon's Cheating Allegations


kat-gosselin-pissedJon may be the one doing all the talking this week, but it’s Kate’s fury that seems to be speaking the loudest. After Jon stirred up a new round of cheating rumors regarding Kate’s bodyguard, word has it that Kate’s boiling over.

From Radar’s interview with a Kate insider:

“She is beyond angry… She knows Jon is just trying to vent his anger at her but she feels he’s gone way too far.”

I guess Jon was telling the truth when he said that if Larry King called him up for an interview, he’d be happy to toss out some scandalicious verbal hand grenades. Over the course of his interview with GMA, Jon claimed that he’d been abused by Kate, that he despised her.

Then to top it off, he revealed that he’d long suspected that Kate had been sleeping with her body guard Steve Neild. Hmm, that ought to really help patch up their relationship as parents.

I wonder how Kate’s rage might manifest itself over the next couple of weeks.