Kate Major Thinks Jon Gosselin is Awesome


1-jon-gosselin-and-kate-majorKate Major has a lot to say since she burst on to the scene a month ago.  She’s grasping at her 15 minutes of fame and is holding on tight.

She really wants to make this relationship work. She doesn’t care about the rumors about Hailey Glassman. Kate only knows the truth of her feelings for Jon.

She said there was instant chemistry between her and Jon and she doesn’t regret a thing.

She said, “Right now, there is no happily ever after.  I was really, really impressed—and I still am—with the person that he is.”

Kate also says that she’s relieved to finally talk.  “I haven’t been speaking a lot in the past few days because of how crazy everything has been, and I’m ready to talk. I’m here to tell my side of the story.”

She says all this, but is Kate 2.0 ready to be involved with him if he’s in his family phase?

I just want to know why there are so many women attracted to him?

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