Kate Middleton And Prince Harry's Girlfriends: How Do They Measure Up?

kate middleton
Kate Middleton: How does she compare to Harry's girlfriends?

Kate Middleton and Prince William are getting married, which means Kate will soon be Prince Harry’s sister-in-law, which means lots of socializing with whomever Prince Harry happens to be dating, which at the moment is Camilla Romestrand, a Norwegian singer. But Harry is also just coming off a long-term relationship with Chelsy Davy, with whom he’s broken up numerous times.

How does Kate measure up against Harry’s gals? Here’s what we know:

Kate Middleton (the future royal)

Occupation: Fashion buyer for Jigsaw

How she met her royal: In college

Age: 28

Hair color: brown

Parents: Run a mail-order supply store for kids’ parties and games

Camilla Romestrand (the mystery woman)

Occupation: Lead singer for British band Eddie the Gun

How she met her royal: In London; details unknown

Age: 31

Hair color: Many

Parents: Unknown

Chelsy Davy (the former flame)

Occupation: Legal studies

How she met her royal: In college

Age: 25

Hair color: blonde

Parents: Still in South Africa, where she returned to be with her family

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