Kate Middleton Coming Home From the Hospital...Finally!


Kate Middleton Ready for RestKate Middleton has been released from the hospital after quite a bout with morning sickness. While many a woman just sips ginger tea and nibbles on crackers for relief, the Duchess of Cambridge’s morning sickness was so intense that she had to be hospitalized.

After three nights at the hospital, Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William emerged from the hospital to an awaiting throng of photographers and onlookers. Kate appeared a bit frail as she stepped into an awaiting Jaguar while holding a bouquet of yellow flowers that had been given to her by the hospital staff. When asked she said she was feeling “much better.”

“The Duchess of Cambridge has been discharged from the King Edward VII Hospital and will now head to Kensington Palace for a period of rest,” the royal palace said in a statement read. “Their Royal Highnesses would like to thank the staff at the hospital for the care and treatment The Duchess has received.”

Kate is heading home to rest at their cottage which is on the ground of Kensignton Palace.

Here’s hoping her morning sickness gets better soon, a royal pregnancy should be far more glamorous than this don’t you think?