Kate Middleton Engagement Ring: Confirmed To Be Princess Diana's Engagement Ring (Photo)

kate middleton engagement ring prince william
Kate Middleton's Engagement Ring Confirmed To Be Princess Diana's

Amid much speculation, it has now been confirmed that Kate Middleton’s engagement ring is in fact, the engagement ring worn by Prince William’s late mother, Princess Diana. The news was revealed tonight in Britain that Prince William gave Kate Middleton the engagement ring while they were vacationing in Kenya a month ago.

Kate Middleton’s engagement ring that belonged to her mother-in-law that she sadly never knew, is an 18-carat sapphire and diamond ring. Princess Diana chose the ring herself when she married Prince Charles, and modeled it after her own mother’s ring.

kate middleton engagement ring
Kate Middleton's Engagement Ring Is Princess Diana's

Do you think that it is a bad omen that Kate Middleton’s engagement ring belonged to Princess Diana? What does this mean for her marriage to Prince William? Or is it an honor that Prince William would choose to entrust Kate Middleton with such a precious memory of his mother?

Photo: Pacific Coast News