Kate Middleton Engagement Ring Picture: Prince William Gives Kate Princess Diana's Ring!

kate middleton engagement ring picture princess diana prince william
Kate Middleton's engagement ring picture: Princess Diana's ring!

Kate Middleton engagement ring pictures reveal that Prince William gave Kate his mother’s ring! Princess Diana’s ring is absolutely gorgeous, and it was quite a lovely gesture on William’s part.

Kate Middleton’s engagement ring pictures were revealed during a press conference/photo opp today, where newly engaged Prince William and Kate Middleton appeared for the media.

What does Kate Middleton’s engagement ring look like?

Prince William gave Kate Middleton his late mother’s ring Princess Diana’s gorgeous oval blue sapphire ring (18 carats!), surrounded by 14 small diamonds in a cluster setting.

Prince William commented at the news conference about Kate Middleton’s engagement ring: “It’s my mother’s engagement ring, so of course it’s very special to me,” noting that Kate is also special to him!

Prince William also commented that giving Kate the engagement ring was a way to make sure his mother didn’t miss out.

And then, cameras zoomed in on Kate Middleton’s engagement ring pictured at left!

I just love that Prince William remembers Princess Diana by giving Kate Middleton his mother’s ring.

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