Kate Middleton Engagement Ring: Prince William Tribute to Princess Diana Sweet or Cheap?

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Prince William gives Kate Middleton Princess Diana's engagement ring

Prince William’s engagement ring to Kate Middleton was a tribute to his mom, Princess Diana, according to William.

But do you think Prince William’s gesture to remember Princess Diana is sweet… or do you think Kate deserved a unique new ring to call her own? Is it cheap to recycle your mom’s engagement ring?

When I heard that Prince William gave Kate Middleton Princess Diana’s engagement ring, I thought it was such a sweet idea to make his mother part of the process… a special tribute to remember her.

Then I started reading what others had to say about it and comments ranged from Prince William being too cheap about the engagement ring to those who thought the failed marriage associated with the ring made it less than a romantic notion.

There have been, of course, plenty of lovely comments about how Prince William’s decision to give Kate Middleton Princess Diana’s engagement ring was a very thoughtful idea.

What do you think of Prince William giving Kate Middleton his mother’s ring? Do you think it’s a nice gesture to remember Princess Diana… or do you think Kate should have had a new ring?

Is it cheap to propose with your mother’s ring?