Kate Middleton Engagement Ring: Would You Wear Your MIL's Ring?

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Kate Middleton's engagement ring: Would you wear your mother-in-law's ring?

Kate Middleton’s engagement ring used to belong to Prince William’s late mother, Princess Diana. Would you wear an engagement ring that had belonged to your mother-in-law? I’ve heard some people saying today they would not want to wear their MIL’s ring, but I disagree.

I’d be happy to wear my mother-in-law’s ring, for these three reasons:

1. It shows that family means something to my husband even moreso in this case, because Prince William could obviously afford to buy something bling-tacular. Instead, he chose to use a family heirloom.

2. It’s a beautiful way to honor his late mother. She can’t be at the wedding, but Diana will be there in spirit through the ring. I think it’s a beautiful gesture by a loving son.

3. It’s not the ring that matters; it’s the thought behind it. I will admit I’m not a big jewelry person, but I’d never judge my prince by his princess diamond. I’d judge him on him.

Of course, I also adore my mother-in-law, so I know I’m going against the grain. What do you think would you wear your mother-in-law’s ring?

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