Kate Middleton Is Still Getting The Barfs


When I was pregnant with my daughter, I fortunately did not suffer from too much morning sickness (although there were some episodes in the beginning), but with my son a few years later, man that did not stop until well into my sixth month. First-trimester blues, yeah right! I spent more time in my bathroom than what I care to remember and was pretty much miserable throughout the good part of my pregnancy. No, that’s not a pregnancy “glow” that most people say you have — it’s you sweating bullets after barfing all day.

Kate Middleton, being a duchess and all, knows what I’m talking about. According to Buckingham Palace, she still has the barfs and with each time she hurls in front of her royal commode, a press release is being typed up and ready to be sent to media outlets around the world. For example, here’s what we’re reading from Us Weekly:

Just a few days after checking out of a London-area hospital, pregnant Kate Middleton has fallen ill again with another bout of acute morning sickness — and although the Duchess does not yet require further hospitalization, husband Prince William has cancelled a Sunday Dec. 9 engagement to be by her side at their Kensington Palace home.

“It is well known that Hyperemesis Gravidarum often recurs,” a St. James Palace spokesman tells Us Weekly, confirming that William has pulled out of his planned appearance at the British Military Tournament in Earls’ Court to be with Kate in their Nottingham Cottage residence at the Palace.

So rather than update with with each and every pregnancy condition Kate Middleton will or will not suffer from for the next few months, how about I make this the one and only barf update on behalf of the royal family. I had it, she had it, we all had it. Most pregnant mamas-to-be get sick but luckily for us, People Magazine doesn’t report on it. Poor woman needs Jessica Simpson to stop by the palace with a plate of deep fried Oreo cookies (Texas-style), and just let her pig out and enjoy what I’m sure is a very special moment in her life (besides the barfing, that is).

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