Kate Middleton, Kim Kardashian, and 5 More Celebs Who Became First-Time Mothers in 2013


Kate Middleton, Kim Kardashian and Shakira are but a few of the slew of celebrities who became first time mothers in 2013. In fact, this year has been one of the most exciting years in the celebrity baby world as we have seen some of the cutest (like Fergie’s son Axl Jack) and the most adorable (Kim’s daughter North West) tykes ever!

There’s no doubt that the Hollywood baby boom is still going strong! Check out our photo gallery below of some of the cutest celebrity babies we’ve seen and their famous mommies who all became first-time mothers this year as well. If there’s one club everyone wants to be a part of, it’s the mommyhood club!

Here’s hoping 2014 is going to be just as exciting!

  • Kate Middleton 1 of 7
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    Name: George Alexander Louis

    Birthday: July 22


    Kate Middleton's pregnancy during the first six months of this year had EVERYONE talking! Yes, the Internet blogs were holding their breath for each new set of photos of the Duchess' chic maternity style and when her son, Prince George, was finally born, media and paparazzi from all around the world descended to London to get that first glimpse of England's future king. And of course, Kate didn't disappoint as George is a cutie! Of course, Prince William had something to do with that too!

  • Kim Kardashian 2 of 7
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    Name: North West

    Birthday: June 15


    Kim Kardashian's pregnancy was definitely one of the most talked about ones of 2013. Not only did the blogs go off on the celebrity mother-to-be about her different and definitely unconventional maternity outfits, but they also had a field day when she and Kanye West revealed their daughter North West's name for the first time, too. And say what you will about Kim, but girlfriend kept working all throughout her pregnancy too, with several paid appearances around the world including Nigeria, Brazil, New York City, and trips to Paris to be with Kanye.


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  • Amber Rose 3 of 7
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    Name: Sebastian Taylor Thomaz

    Birthday: February 21


    Amber Rose is definitely one of my favorite celebrity moms to follow on Instagram. The model has had quite the year, with first giving birth to her son Sebastian and then marrying her baby daddy, Wiz Khalifa. Amber has since then been enjoying the joys of motherhood and wedded bliss, documenting her family's milestones on her social media accounts with her fans.


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  • Jaime King 4 of 7
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    Name: James Knight

    Birthday: October 6


    Now we know where he gets his baby blue eyes from! Actress Jaime King and her husband/director Kyle Newman became the proud parents of James Knight this year, who by looking at Jaime's Instagram account, is the biggest Star Wars fan on the planet. The little tyke doesn't even know how to walk yet but he's already a Jedi-in-training!


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  • Fergie 5 of 7
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    Name: Axl Jack

    Birthday: August 29


    I know the picture might be a little too big, but that smile just kills me each and every time! Fergie and her husband Josh Duhamel became the proud first-time parents of Axl Jack, who by looking at this picture, looks so much like his famous mommy, doesn't he? And with a name like his, that boy is destined to become a serious rockstar one day!


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  • Shakira 6 of 7
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    Name: Milan 

    Birthday: January 22


    That hair! Those lips! And those big, gorgeous eyes! Shakira has definitely been counting her blessings, as she gave birth to her son Milan in January of this year. Since then, she's been sharing adorable pictures of her little bundle of joy, like most mothers do, on her Instagram account. Seriously, have you ever seen so much hair on top of a little boy's head?


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  • Malin Akerman 7 of 7
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    Name: Sebastian

    Birthday: April 16


    That's the look that Malin Akerman's son Sebastian makes whenever he sees his pretty Swedish mama all dolled up! The Hollywood actress became a first time mother this year to her little prince charming who obviously only has eyes for mom! Not only is Malin a Trophy Wife on television, but she's a trophy mom at home, too.


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