Kate Middleton Latest Victim Of Pregnancy Rumors: Leave Her Alone!

kate middleton
Kate Middleton Falls Victim To False Pregnancy Reports

Good grief. Just when I thought that the false celebrity pregnancy reports couldn’t get any worse, the tabloids decided to go after Kate Middleton just two weeks before her Royal Wedding to Prince William. Talk about a new low!

Star Magazine’s new cover features Kate Middleton with the headline, “A Baby For Kate and William: Pregnant Bride!”


What on earth led anyone to believe that Kate Middleton is pregnant?

Star has decided that Kate has some sort of “undeniable glow” about her. Um…she’s about to become a princess on April 29th. I’d be glowing too for crying out loud!

The tabloid also supposedly has a “source” who says that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s engagement was short because they are expecting a baby. The “source” also says that Kate is worried about having morning sickness on her wedding day.

Buckingham Palace, of course, calls the rumor “absurd.”

Why can’t Star just leave Kate Middleton alone and let her enjoy her wedding? This one pretty much takes the cake as far as false celebrity pregnancy rumors go.

Photo: Pacific Coast News


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