Will Kate Middleton Get Pregnant as Soon as Princess Diana? Royal Biographer Predicts Kate Pregnant in 9 Months

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Will Kate Middleton be pregnant soon?

Speculation about when we can announce “Kate Middleton is pregnant” is in full force, with many hopeful that Kate and Prince William will have a baby very soon.

For now, there’s no confirmation about any Kate Middleton pregnancy news, but it’s fun to join the masses and predict how long until William and Kate have a sweet little royal baby!

Will Kate Middleton get pregnant as soon as Princess Diana? Check out this rundown of royal pregnancy history to see just how quickly after marriage the royal ladies were making pregnancy announcements.

One expert, royal biographer Andrew Morton, is predicting that Kate will be pregnant within the year, noting, “If Kate is not pregnant within the next nine months, she’ll be defying 200 years of British tradition.”

And would it be so wrong to defy British tradition? After all, when William was asked about having kids, he said, “I think we’ll take it one step at a time.”

What do you think? Will Kate Middleton be pregnant soon? Do you think William and Kate will wait a bit and enjoy life as newlyweds for awhile?