Kate Middleton Pregnant: Is This How The Royal Baby Is Going To Look Like? (Photo)


91218PCN_Kate01-1We don’t even officially know the sex of Kate Middleton’s baby yet, but it looks like some people are already taking bets on how he or she will look like, all based on genetics.

According to South African researcher Suretha Erasmus, she says that Kate and Prince Williams’s baby might end up looking much like the late Princess Diana, and all because of the Prince’s strong strong resemblance to his mother.

In a new series of photos, we can see different possibilities as to how the royal baby might look like, based on genetic influences passed on by both parents.

If you ask me, the future King or Queen of England is going to be one very good looking gal or guy! Check out the photos here and let us know what you think! And in case you might have forgotten, Kate’s due date is this summer (we just can’t wait!).

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