Kate Middleton Says No To Peanuts, Is She Pregnant!?

Is Kate really preggers this time?

At least Jennifer Aniston is saying thank goodness it’s not me with this bump watch race.  And we won’t even mention Kim Kardashian since she’s out of the running now.

But poor Kate Middleton.  She declines a little peanut paste while in Denmark and everyone screams “Pregnant!”

According to reports, the Duchess of Cambridge politely declined to sample a bite of peanut paste as she and Prince William visited a United Nations aid depot in Copenhagen on Wednesday.  Her hubby meanwhile devoured his.

A spokesperson for the royal couple also went out of her way to stress that the Duchess has not nut allergy whatsoever, according to Britain’s The Sun paper.

So either Kate was being rude in declining a little Danish culinary sample (which is doubtful) or she is indeed pregnant, as it is suggested that pregnant women stay clear from peanuts and their bi-products to avoid allergies.  Or she simply hates peanuts.

America needs to step it up a level.  First France gives birth to a presidential baby and now the U.K. is about to deliver a future king or queen.  Thank goodness we have Suri Cruise.