Kate Middleton See Through Dress that Caught Prince William's Eye Sells for $125,000

Kate Middleton see through dress
Kate Middleton see through dress sells for $125,000

Kate Middleton’s see through dress sold for $125,000 at an auction.

Why so much?

“If we’re to believe the reports, it’s the dress that caught the prince’s eye and captured his heart — and that’s why people want it,”  said auctioneer Kerry Taylor of Kerry Taylor Auctions.

The see-through dress, made of knitted black-and-gold silk with turquoise blue bands at the top and bottom, was modeled by the soon-to-be princess at the annual University of St. Andrews Don’t Walk charity fashion show, where Kate and William were students.

A private buyer bought the dress it at auction for just over $125,000.

“I’m not going to bother with the reserve,” Taylor said when she stared bidding on the dress at just over $30,000.

The dress finally went for £65,000, plus a £13,000 buyer’s fee, to a private buyer bidding over the telephone via an agent standing at the back of the room. The buyer’s agent would only identify the buyer as being “Nick from Jersey,” an island in the English Channel between England and France.

The dress is designed and knitted by Charlotte Todd when she was studying textiles in Bristol.  The label says the dress has a 28-inch waist, a U.S. size eight.