Kate Middleton Shows Off Both Of Her Babies In New Royal Family Photo!


662e0b3e-b0e8-4424-86c5-e3bfd8a8784b_630_middleton_william_babyNew parents Kate Middleton and Prince William have released two new family photos to the public on Monday, and not only do we have one baby in the pic, but two!

Yes, let’s not forget that good old Lupa (or HRH Lupo Cambridge) was technically Will and Kate’s first baby!

In the pics, which were taken by Kate Middleton’s father Michael Middleton, new mom Kate looks absolutely stunning while holding their newborn bundle of joy Prince George (or PG, as I would like to refer to him from now on) while Prince William holds Lupa right next to them.

Lupa, of course, looks like he could use a bowl of water (it’s been a hot summer in England), and that’s probably why he was totally over the family photo session and ditched his royal parents by the second pic. Yeah, we’ve all had kids who’ve acted the same way at the Picture People too, right?

The photos are adorable, nonetheless. We can’t wait to see more of PG (and Lupa!) hopefully soon.

Photos via Michael Middleton

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