Kate Middleton Shows off Adorable Prince George in New Zealand!


It might not be a national holiday in New Zealand today, but our friends have reason to celebrate as our favorite British Royal family has landed in Wellington for the start of their Royal Tour of New Zealand and Australia. That’s right: Kate Middleton, Prince William and an absolutely adorable Prince George are about to shake things up with some very cute photo ops in the coming days!

The lovely Kate Middleton (who will forever be my style idol) looked amazing in a red coat dress (which looks a tad bit like a Qantas Airways flight attendant uniform for those of you paying close attention), while holding the future King of England in her arms. I know that Kate and Prince William like to take their time when it comes to baby making, but I’m really hoping for another royal pregnancy soon because they make the most adorable royal babies ever. No pressure or anything guys, but we could really use some excitement in the celebrity baby world again over here!

Check out our photos below of this ridiculously photogenic family and let us know what you think. And yes, you are totally welcome for all of the adorableness below. I know, it’s a lot to handle!






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