Kate Middleton vs Kim Kardashian: Who Has the Best Ladylike Style? (Photos)


I’ve spent a lot of time looking at, examining and pondering the maternity style of Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian and although they have VERY different sensibilities, they do have one big fashion statement in common; they are both very ladylike. But Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian pull off their ladylike styles in very different ways. Kate’s is very simple, very regal and very royal (by way of being married to a prince). Kim’s is very sexy, very ‘statement’ and very royal (by way of Beverly Hills society). So whose ladylike maternity style do you like best? The royal ways of Kate or the more racy ways of Kim? Check out our slideshow here:

  • Ladylike Kim 1 of 12
    Ladylike Kim
    Kim pulled a very ladylike look while out in LA where an all black ensemble and pearls. But the length of the skirt and the tightness of the top, was a bit more racy and something Kate wouldn't do.
  • Ladylike Kate 2 of 12
    Ladylike Kate
    Kate Middleton wore this wrap dress that was very Diane Von Furstenberg-ish in it's ladylike style. Totally classic.
  • Ladylike Coat 3 of 12
    Ladylike Coat
    This pure white jacket that Kate wore is very ladylike and quite feminine.
  • Ladylike Coat 4 of 12
    Ladylike Coat
    While Kate went with a white coat, here Kim with with black, black and more black while in Paris. But she looked very swank and chic.
  • Ladylike Hair 5 of 12
    Ladylike Hair
    Kate wore her hair down, long and lux.
  • Ladylike Hair 6 of 12
    Ladylike Hair
    Here Kim wore her hair down, long and lux. These ladies certain have fabulous heads of hair!
  • Ladylike Contrast 7 of 12
    Ladylike Contrast
    This blue and black coat was a great color contrast. To subtle hues that work well together.
  • Ladylike Contrast 8 of 12
    Ladylike Contrast
    In a more dramatic contrast, Kim wore this black and white dress which really was a quite the statement. But she looked VERY ladylike!
  • The Ladylike Air 9 of 12
    The Ladylike Air
    Kate holds herself in such a lovely way, every bit the lady!
  • The Ladylike Air 10 of 12
    The Ladylike Air
    And Kim always seems to be dressed for dinner! Looking lovely on a recent night out.
  • Ladylike Day Out 11 of 12
    Ladylike Day Out
    Kate was very ladylike in her black coat and scarf after she left the hospital.
  • Ladylike Day Out 12 of 12
    Ladylike Day Out
    And in a very LA style, Kim went out in the day wearing a very hot black leather skirt! A totally different kind of lady!

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